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Fire and Security Techniques

Fire and Security Techniques is authorized to operate Halon recovery and Halon recycling by both The South African Department of Environmental Affairs and The Halon Bank of South Africa. Our recovery plant is located within an industrial facility located in Centurion in the region of Gauteng, South Africa. Although Fire and Security Techniques are an authorized to provide Halon recovery all documentation and submissions must go through The Halon Bank of South Africa. However we will gladly assist in this process if required. Please see the contact details below. A Code of Practice has been developed to provide an assurance to the public that members of the Halon Bank of SA engaged in the business of Halon recovery, recycling and refilling operate in a manner that promotes safe and environmentally responsible Halon reclamation. If you require further information on the Code of Practice contact the Halon Bank directly then direct your enquiry to:

P O Box 15165 Impala Park 1472
Fax: (011) 880 6286
Tel: +27 (0) 113971618 or +27 (0) 11 8806251

It is well established throughout the World that emissions of Halons used in fire suppression equipment contribute to the depletion of stratospheric ozone.With the demise of Halon 1301 production, there is a critical need to maintain a bank of Halon 1301 for recharging existing systems until alternate agents or technology can be provided. While many companies advertise the capabilities to recover and reclaim Halon 1301, many are simply moving the agent from container "A" to container "B". The recovery and reclamation process must include the reconditioning of Halon 1301 to its pure state as originally manufactured.

We have a complete procedure for Halon recovery. Firstly verifying that the suppression cylinders contain Halon and not any other gas. All Halon systems recovered from the field will normally contain the pressurizing agent nitrogen. Other contents such a water and other impurities must be removed before the Halon can be reclaimed.

For Further Information from Fire and Security Techniques
Please contact H Truter or Vaughan Cameron-Gunn at +27 (0) 12 6219400
Email: info@fst.co.za

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